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  • Defferences Between Anticorrosive Wood and Wood Plastic Composite

    Anticorrosive wood usually refers to artificial anticorrosive wood. It is to put ordinary wood into a closed vacuum tank to exert pressure on it after adding chemical preservatives manually, so that the wood has excellent anticorrosion performance for long-term use in outdoor harsh environment. W...

  • Wood Plastic Composite Uses and Benefits

    If you are looking to start a construction project in the near future, then you know how hard it can be to find a building material that meets your requirements. Due to recent innovations, there is a new material on the scene making heads turn. This material is WPC, and it may just change the fut...

  • MosBuild Exhibition

    MB22- Hall 14- FLOORING-G1049 Download We are glad to tell all of you that our company will participate in the MosBuild exhibition which is held in Moscow.It will be held fr...

Application of LISEN WPC Composite Products