• What is co-extrusion?

    What is co-extrusion?

    Co-extrusion,the latest technology in wood composite range,this advanced cap technology is co-extruded to core,its capped surface material is what gives each board unique and superior performance.The insulating properties of cap make co-extrusion board extremely stable,surface will not expand and...
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  • What is 3D embossed Series?

    What is 3D embossed Series?

    Lihua WPC 3D Embossed Composite Decking is the new technology decking product,or you can call it deep embossed or super embossed.The main technology is the deep embossed process during production.When the extrusion finished,the pattern is one the surface of the boards. New technology 3D embossing...
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  • What is WPC series?

    What is WPC series?

    WPC is short of wood plastic composite,the main material is PE and wood fibers.WPC enjoys the advantages of both wood and polymer materials.But free from their shortcomings.It is an excellent substitute for timber.WPC decking is extraordinarily durable and known for its gorgeous, realistic aesthe...
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